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Aired 2-3a ET • Deadly Blast Kill At least 40 In Afghanistan; Trump Thanks First Responders, Stretches The Truth; Roy Moore Fraud In Alabama Election; Putin Launches Bid For Fourth Term As President; Climate Change Up Close. A.; Bipartisan Support on 2018 Agenda; Top Seven Moments Sports in 2017; Pennsylvania City Gets Five Feet of Snow.

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Aired 12-1a ET • Interview with Representative Tom Cole; Top Seven Justice Stories of 2017.

Aired -11a ET • Doug Jones on Moore Suit: 'It's Time to Move On'; Tillerson: U. Faced Challenges in Dealing with North Korea; Report: North Korean Defector had Anthrax Antibodies in him.

Aired 12-1p ET • Backlash over Donald Trump Jr's Claims of Conspiracy at Highest Levels of Government; New information on Ivanka's Heated Exchange with Steve Bannon; Pence Ridiculed for Lavish Praise of Trump; Rhona Graff Interviewed by Lawmakers in Russia Probe; FBI Prevents San Francisco Terror Attack; Thieves Steeling Delivered Christmas Packages. Aired 4- 5a ET • Severe Weather Claims 75 Lives in Philippines; U. Aired 10-a ET • Netanyahu and Other Countries Will Follow Trump's Decision on Jerusalem; Hispanic Caucus Members Confront Chuck Schumer Over DACA; Spielberg's New Film Spotlights Battle Government Attacks on Media; Aired -11a ET • Farenthold Accused of Improperly Using House Resources; Haley Invites Some Countries to Reception, Snubs Others on U. Jerusalem Vote; North Korea Bold in Face of Sanctions; Trump's Mar-a-Largo Raising Ticket Prices for New Year's Eve Party; Trump Sends Out Giant Christmas Cards. Votes to Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Disgraced Cardinal Receives Vatican Funeral; Spain's Rajoy Under Pressure After Catalonia Vote. Aired 12-1a ET • Pedestrians Plowed in Flinders Street; North Korean Military Defected to South Korea; President Trump Heads to Vacation House with his Tax Cut Victory; Cardinal Law Will Receive Full Vatican Funeral; Melbourne Police: Vehicle Deliberately Struck Pedestrians; President Trump Warns Countries Over U. Aired -10a ET • Current Stopgap Spending Bill Expires in Under 38 Hours. Aired 10-a ET • A Driver Has Rammed Into Pedestrians In Melbourne, Injuring 19; Catalonia To Vote For New Regional Government; May Brexit Date Changes In Exceptional Circumstance. Train Derails From Bridge And Hits Motorway On First High- Speed Run Leaving At Least Six Dead; Arrest Made In Alleged Racist Attack On Sterling; Gatlin's Coach Faces New Doping Allegations.

Aired 5- 6p ET • President Donald Trump claims that all Haitians have AIDS and that Nigerians would never go back to Africa; President Trump is attacking FBI deputy director, Andrew Mc Cabe, after it has reveal that Mc Cabe plans to retire; Vice President Pence's adoration for Trump is catching some criticism; Kremlin calls President Trump's new national security strategy confrontational and imperialist; Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort has had a front row seat to history during year one of the Trump presidency; Aired 7-8p ET • Severe Weather Claims 47 Lives in Philippines; U. Aired -3p ET • Report: Emails Suggest Toxic Culture At Miss America; Hispanic Caucus Confronts Schumer Over Dreamers; Report: Hundreds Of EPA Employees Leave Under Trump; Police Officer Donates A Kidney To Save A Stranger. Aired 12-1a ET • North Korea Soldier Defects across the DMZ; U. Aired 2-3a ET • Shots Fires Along Demilitarized Zone; Trump Gets His Big, Beautiful Tax Cut; Catalonia To Vote For New Regional Leaders. Senate Approves Tax Reform Bill; Saudi Arabia Says It Intercepted Missile Aimed At Riyadh; U. Directly Blames North Korea For Wanna Cry Cyberattack. Aired 2-3a ET • House Prepares to Pass Tax Reform Bill Again; How the GOP Tax Bill will Affect your Wallet; Paul Ryan on Trump Sexual Harassment Accusations.

Aired 10-a ET • Race to Save Severely Ill People in Eastern Ghouta; Touting Taxes And Stretching The Truth; CNN Investigates Sexual Assault in the Air.

Aired 1-2a ET • Russia Urges Dialogue with North Korea; North Korean on New Sanctions; Christmas in Puerto Rico; Media's 2017 Memorable Moments.

Aired 3-4p ET • Deputy FBI Director Andrew Mccabe Is Retiring; United States Is Going To Supply Anti-Tank Weapons To Ukraine; Mysterious Death Of A Border Agent Killed In The Line Of Duty. Imposes New Sanctions On North Korea; San Francisco Terror Plot Thwarted; Two Palestinians Killed during "Day of Rage"; Coach Invites Homeless Player to Live with His Family. WAPO: Aides want RNC to Install more Trump Loyalists; CNN: Deputy FBI Director could back up Comey's "Loyalty" Claim.

Aired 4-5p ET • Budget Deal, DACA Fix Facing Lawmakers in New Year; President Has Visited His Properties 107 Days in 2017; How A Football Coach Changed The Life of His Star Player. President Signs 500-Page Tax Cut into Law; Kremlin's Patience with Trump May Be Waning; Two Palestinians Killed during "Day of Rage"; Space X Launch Lights Up the Sky. WAPO: Aides want RNC to Install more Trump Loyalists. Vote; Trump, Republicans Celebrate Tax Reform Win; Mass Grave Uncovered in Myanmar; Humanitarian Crisis in Congo; Trump Highlights Recent Stock Market Record Gains; Pyeong Chang Readies for Winter Olympics. Aired 3-4a ET • Trump Voters on Companies Success; North Korean Soldier Defects; Dozens Hurt in Car Ramming; Virginia Ballot Ties up Race; Maroney Sues USA Gymnastics. Votes on Trump's Jerusalem Decision; Funding for Child Health Insurance Program at Risk.

Aired 12-1a ET • Trump "Back to Work" Takes Aim at FBI again; Trump: Killed Mandate "Essentially Repeals" Obamacare; New South Korea Department will Monitor North Korea Threats. Aired 3-4a ET • New Tax Law Has Americans Scrambling; North Korea's Biological Weapons? Aired 3-p ET • GOP Lawmaker Stands By Calls for "Purge" at FBI, Justice Department; Obama: Leaders Shouldn't Use Social Media to Divide; Trump Wants Bipartisan Plan for New Roads & Bridges.

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