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Most of them reacted to the intermarriage wih shame and outrage.

Most Israelis oppose intermarriage which is funny because intermarriage in Israel is obviously not a problem – assimilation in Israel is usually in the Jewish majority, not the other way.

I take exception with the statement that the expectation that non-Orthodox American Jewis seek out and marry fellow Jews doesn’t exist.

I think that many American Jews have that expectation but also realize that there is a good chance of intermarriage.

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Just because someone is simultaneously a Jew and an entrepreneur and a billionaire doesn’t mean that there’s a cause/effect linkage of any of these characteristics.

I don’t think anyone would suggest that Z was/is a poster child for Jewish identity, so who cares who he marries? Besides, MZ describes himself as an atheist on Wikipedia, not as Jewish.

With the growing demographic trend of Orthodox Jews having more children and retaining most of their children within the Orthodox community and with the lower birth rate of non-Orthodox Jews and higher rate of intermarriage and assimilation among non-Orthodox Jews, it’s not difficult to predict the Jewish future in America– more and more Orthodox Jews, fewer Conservative and Reform Jews or a de facto merger between the two movements, and more and more unaffiliated Jews not having a remote connection to, or interest in, Israel or Judaism. The rapidly growing ultra Orthodox community (Hasidics) is on the whole rather poor. New Square, NY (Hasidic community north of New York City) has a poverty rate of over 80% according to a 2009 census survey.

There is a small number of Jewish women marrying Muslim Arabs (a few dozen a year contrary to the “30,000 women” spread by some haredi groups), but that’s on the fringe.

Most intermarriage in Israel are between a secular Israeli and a foreigner.

We have survived and outlived very many different and varied calamaties.

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