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The group provides an opportunity for musicians with little experience in traditional music to get actively involved and makes it accessible for people coming from a classical background.

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The goal has always been to connect audiences with great music.

Pictured above: Rex Mayreis, Secretary (upper left); Tom Hubbard, Treasurer (upper right); Dorothy Auyong, Vice President (lower left); Nick Smith, President (lower right).

Relocating to the West coast in 1979, he has been involved with the Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club, Songmakers, Audio Engineering Associates and the Pasadena Folk Music Society.

To many, he has also been a teacher and instrument maker. Folk Festival, he has been a contestant, judge, performer, sound mixer, board member and, for several years, president.

You can contact Lawrence about music, music promotion, or pretty much anything else at: [email protected] Tappan and the Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles have made major contributions for more than 30 years to keep a traditional music style alive and well in Southern California.

The Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles were founded in 1981after several musicians discovered common musical interest at the Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest and formed the first Strathspey and Reel Society in the United States.His Acoustic Americana Music Guide has actively promoted thousands of individual artists, bands, tours, and festivals, including Topanga, throughout California and beyond for over 12 years.Reporting “inside music news,” it’s even a “go-to” source for other journalists.As a photojournalist, Lawrence has convinced hardboiled editors to let him cover folk-americana and traditional music and musicians. Elaine and Clark, so essential in spreading traditional music in California. He’s restored and run steam locomotives, founded historic preservation projects, and conceived and hosted the first-ever reunion of the crews of the two Freedom Trains - the Bicentennial train from 1975-76 and the original postwar train from 1947-49 that first broke the color barrier in the South (the reunion featured trips on a steam train and a paddlewheel steamboat).He’s out there for online and print outlets, promoting, attending and reporting on festivals and music conferences, large and small. Devoted music presenters and guiding lights Bob Stane and Russ and Julie. He’s taught in classrooms, studios and the wilderness, designed and built museum exhibits and authored educational, visitor, and interpretive plans for museums.Whenever other rehearsal spaces disappear, her living room often is packed with 30 or more musicians.

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