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I happen to have an i Phone and an i Pod Touch sync’d to my i Tunes back in the US, but now I’m in Iraq and don’t have access to my computer with the i Tunes library on it.

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I created this script for my own purposes and decided to share it, so I don’t intend to provide much support for it.

The zip file contains two files: Update Play and Update Play

If you still have the sync warning up, there should be a button to transfer purchases.

If not, go up to the File menu and choose “Transfer purchases from…” or right-click the device in the i Tunes sidebar and select “Transfer purchases from” there.

* It uses the i Tunes COM Interface to communicate with your device.

In order to determine which tracks * match, the script will search through the i Tunes Library looking for a matching Artist, Album and Title; * as a result, this process can take a long time.

It is not optimized very well so it will iterate over the entire i Tunes Library for each track it encounters on your device, looking for a matching Artist, Album and Track Name to update.

It also maintains a log file that lists every track that was updated including it’s old and new values, as well as any tracks on the i Pod/i Phone that it could not find a match for in the i Tunes Library.

I had a little free time last night so I wrote a script to update these attributes for me!

It is written in JScript/Java Script and uses the i Tunes COM Interface to communicate with your device and the i Tunes Library.

Apps and Purchases are Easy Plug in your i OS device to your freshly built computer, and i Tunes will threaten to wipe all of your apps and replace them with the ones on the new machine.

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