Intimidating name generator

For a sine wave, the RMS amplitude is shown as V in the figure.The relationship of the RMS amplitude to the amplitude of a sine wave is It is important to note that RMS value is not the same for other types of waveforms.This relationship to the amplitude only applies to sine waves.

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They are often intended to operate with laptop computers.

Generators that plug into different buses (e.g., PC, VXI) are appropriate where space is at a premium and a custom measurement system needs to be put together for e.g. Dedicated benchtop generators are self-contained with the needed controls and display.

Modern DDS (direct digital synthesis) function generators are able to provide a wide variety of signals.

Today's basic units are capable of sine, square, and triangle outputs from less than 1 Hz to at least 1 MHz, with variable amplitude and adjustable DC offset.

is the phase of the sine wave (in the graph, the sine wave is shown with a phase of 0).

Two other measures of a sine wave's amplitude are often used: RMS and peak-to-peak voltage.

We will describe the numbered controls and their functions.

Thefront panel of this instrument is 225 mm wide by 100 mm tall (8.85 inches by 3.94 inches).

Many generators include extra features, such as higher frequency capability, variable symmetry, frequency sweep, AM and FM operation, and gated burst mode.

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