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The most serious uses of blasphemy laws around the world are not in Europe, but in Islamic states, 13 of which punish blasphemy by death.

These include Mohamed Cheikh Ould M’kheitir in Mauritania, charged with “insulting the prophet” for an article challenging slavery; humanist Ahmadreza Djalali, who worked as a Professor in Brussels but is now sentenced to death in his native Iran; and Saudi Arabia, which just last week sentenced Ahmad Al Shamri to death for “atheism”, while others such as Raif Badawi also sit on death row.

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As one head of RE at a secondary school here in England tweeted, “I use this clip at GCSE & A Level for prob of evil.

If RE teachers in Ireland have are they also ‘guilty’ of blasphemy?

There are so many examples, yet we are so quick to forget them. In January 2017 Esteban Santiago flew from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale airport, pulled out a checked gun at baggage claim and shot 13 people.

In January 2016, he was arrested for strangling his girlfriend.

Then there are the extrajudicial killings that such laws inspire.

Humanist activists in Pakistan, India, and the Maldives have all been murdered in recent weeks.

(Paddock killed 58 people on the Las Vegas strip.) Mateen had beaten and tortured his ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy.

He used to attack her, often while she was asleep, for simple things like not finishing the laundry.

It was whether he sympathised with Isis and whether the US should have gun controls at airports.

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