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A consolidation would also give Wisconsin a holistic view of its higher ed structure, says Martha M.

Parham, senior vice president of public relations for the American Association of Community Colleges.

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Iconsolidating com

Intelligent Utility Conservation lists its address as this strip mall on the outskirts of Nashville.

However, the address is actually home to a UPS store.

Bringing these schools into the UW system as satellite campuses will give the university deeper reach into remote areas of the state, and will allow for easier transfers, according to a University of Wisconsin news brief.

While the proposal has some worried it is less about students and more about the bottom line, experts say it’s a positive move for the state’s higher ed system.

Now, Facebook Stories will be synced across both platforms, although camera filters will still remain separate.

Along with this change, Facebook is also killing private ephemeral messaging feature Direct.

Wisconsin’s community colleges will be able to tap into the state system’s resources and services.( omersukrugoksu).

For some states, democratizing higher education begins with simplifying its offerings.

Two-year students would graduate with a degree from the University of Wisconsin system, which would eventually offer upper-level courses on satellite campuses.

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