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From December 3 until December 22, he'll move retrograde through your sign, leaving you feeling more than a little bit frustrated over not being understood by others the way you'd like.Important communications-related matters, contracts, or career opportunities are likely to stall for most of the month.

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Relationship and personal development will be key areas of focus, but the sky really is the limit for your ever-optimistic, Jupiter-ruled self, Sagittarius!

As if you needed more good news, Saturn will FINALLY leave your sign on December 19, helping you breathe again after two and a half years of learning how to embrace major personal responsibilities with grace and maturity. Not to rain on your parade, but one planetary trickster by the name of Mercury might put a snag in your plans.

If commitment is something you may be looking for, you might want to opt for an older man.

Belief systems and values have little to do with the year of your birth.

Despite all this chaotic relationship energy, there is a very bright spot for you to celebrate.

Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, will leave your sign for good on December 19 and won't return for another 29 years.

Your best bet for December is to sit back, relax, and lean into these planetary shifts.

Trying to figure it all out this month will only be mentally exhausting.

If you're single, this can truly be a month of you having many choices in the romance department.

A New Moon will fall in your sign on December 18, initiating a potent fresh start in whatever area of your life you choose to use this energy towards.

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