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Yet, it seems that, over the last 5 or 6 years, there are more older men dating young girls than ever before.Quite why this phenomenon has been gaining such ground can be put down to changing social attitudes about age-gap relationships, but might also be due to several new factors plus, of course some factors which have been around seemingly forever.They give the expected arguments: that kids shouldn’t be exposed to sex (they are), that radio stations should censor (they do) and that clean versions should be commonplace (again, they are).

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Things have, thankfully, moved forward since the 90s, and pockets of modern society are now much more sex-positive.

It’s easy to forget just how controversial lyrics about pussy and drugs were deemed to be in 1996 – especially when they came from the lips of a young black woman.

He told her: “Naughty of me to ask, but have you got any pics where you have to wear your school uniform?

” Cox, who has been made subject to a sexual harm prevention order, was sacked following a special case hearing, Scotland Yard said.

Two decades later, Kim’s back with “Wake Me Up”, the long-awaited Remy Ma collaboration which, brilliantly, samples the iconic “Queen Bitch”.

It might mark a comeback, it might not – honestly, at this point, who cares?Most of us would rather be swallowed by the ground than chat sex with our parents, so fair play to Kim for agreeing to discuss lyrics like: “I don’t want dick tonight / Eat my pussy right.” When probed, Kim’s mother has the perfect response: “Well, sometimes I do say to her, ‘You know girl, I should have taken you to church more!’” Although Kim talks eloquently about sex, censorship and her own experiences, excessive airtime is dominated by the usual eye roll-inducing audience questions, a conservative police officer and some dude from ‘Morality In Media’.He added: “He is a man who finds it extremely difficult to articulate his motivation and one can quite understand that because the context is extremely unusual conduct.”Judge Mark Dennis QC sentenced Cox to 20 months in prison suspended for two years and 250 hours of unpaid work.He said Cox had pretended to be a teenage girl “for kicks”, adding it was “troubling” that he had yet to come to terms with what it was all about.They found 1,691 indecent and extreme images, including children as young as seven. Prosecutor Charles Falk said Cox had been working for the Metropolitan Police with responsibility for the security of embassies, Parliament and royal family.

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