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Usually we can't resist getting riled up in our own defense.The ease with which we fall into dueling dyads is a remnant of a "culture of honor" that most of our ancestors needed to adopt.

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But if someone bumps into us, blocks our way or otherwise wants to hassle us, our immediate inclination is to freeze, fight or flee.

Similarly, our immediate response to the verbal slights or manipulative barbs of a difficult person is often to fight back.

Erratic behavior is a powerful weapon because it defies accurate prediction.

Often, the behavior comes as a surprise even to the person generating it. Erratic behavior served adaptive ends in our past, and it still does.

That's not to say that fickle acts are always openly hostile and aggressive.

The difficult person can just as easily be solicitous or seductive: Think of femme fatales from biblical Judith to Mata Hari.

Dominance at every turn is good, but not a necessity.

Still, we're so captivated by displays of dominance that we pay boxers millions of dollars to watch them square off and even pay to see professional wrestlers play-act a power struggle.

Unpredictable behavior is at heart about deception, and it's just as likely to be unconscious as conscious.

If such behavior comes from a boss or a spouse, you've got some tricky choices to make.

Our neural circuitry equips us to immediately jump to our own defense.

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