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Each of the four settlements had about 800 settlers; the men were fully armed in case of emergency, but spent nearly all their time breaking in the land and establishing roads.

This, and continued road building towards the south into the Waikato, enabled Pākehā (European New Zealanders) influence to spread from Auckland.

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However, there is nothing to suggest that this was the result of a deliberate European policy.

On 27 January 1832, Joseph Brooks Weller, eldest of the Weller brothers of Otago and Sydney, bought land including the site of the modern city of Auckland, the North Shore, and part of Rodney District for "one large cask of powder" from "Cohi Rangatira".

Many pā (fortified villages) were created, mainly on the volcanic peaks.

The Māori population in the area is estimated to have been about 20,000 before the arrival of Europeans.

He named the area for George Eden, Earl of Auckland, British First Lord of the Admiralty.

It was replaced as the capital in 1865, but immigration to the new city stayed strong, and it has remained the country's most populous urban area.Auckland was officially declared New Zealand's capital in 1841, and the transfer of the administration from Russell (now Old Russell) in the Bay of Islands was completed in 1842.However, even in 1840 Port Nicholson (later renamed Wellington) was seen as a better choice for an administrative capital because of its proximity to the South Island, and Wellington became the capital in 1865.The Auckland urban area (as defined by Statistics New Zealand) ranges to Waiwera in the north, Kumeu in the northwest, and Runciman in the south.Auckland lies between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean to the east, the low Hunua Ranges to the south-east, the Manukau Harbour to the south-west, and the Waitakere Ranges and smaller ranges to the west and north-west.By the time the first Fencibles arrived in 1848, the rebels in the north had been defeated.

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