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Powers such as appointing and removing Chiefs of Staff, General Officers Commanding, and Military Governors require consultation with SMC (p. Contact Nigeria Bar Association because they were active in opposition to these. 13 of 1984 FMG (Supremacy and Enforcement of Powers) Bans civil proceedings in any court for anything related to decree (Ojo p. He then created the Armed Forces Ruling Council, a new National council of States, and a National Council of Ministers.He calls himself “President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,” fusing the two offices.Established Supreme Military Council but its functions not specified.

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Federal Republic Service Commission was renamed the National Public Service Commission and each Regional Public Service Commission became a “Provincial Public Service Commission.” Decree No. States could not legislate on the Concurrent list without the prior consent of the FMG (Ojo p. This organization was intended to (1) distance the new government from Gowon, (2) weaken the governors who had become too powerful by serving on the SMC, and (3) limiting the participation of bureaucrats in the meetings to avoid Gowon’s super-bureaucrats from emerging. Three instead of two categories of companies affected by the 1974 decrees. 3 of 1977 on “Indigenization” Another indigenization decree. Legislation signed by the Head of the FMG is a “degree” and legislation signed by a military governor is an “edict.” Ojo gives a long description of how legislating on a decree supposed to happen (pp. A decree requires the signature of the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to become law; this authority cannot be delegated to anyone. Section 40 gave the federal government powers to forfeit property obtained illegally. It gave broad authority to the National Security Organization. 3 of 1984 Constitution of assets investigation panels. 6 of 1984 Banking and Freezing of Accounts Allowed head of state to freeze assets of those suspected of corruption. 14 of 1983 Recovery of Public Property (Special Military Tribunals) Buhari set up these tribunals to try Second Republic politicians, ministers and political advisors for corruption.

9 of 1966 (August 8) Reversed most of the unifying provisions of the Ironsi regime. Section 9 of this decree (like Section 8 of Decree #32) also created new requirements for the Head of State to consult the SMC. Tribunals for the recovery of public property formed but their decisions are subject to confirmation by the SMC (pp. Some articles about how this worked and who was tried (convictions were around July 1984) would be very useful. 8 of 1985 Judgment and Tribunals (Enforcement) State that decisions by tribunals set up by previous decrees could not be appealed. 17 of 1985 Constitution (Suspension and Modification) Babangida’s first act was to the SMC, the Federal Executive Council, and the National Council of States.

61 of 1992 Sets up the Interim National Government Decree No. ) Transitional Council of January 2, 1993 Armed Forces Ruling Council was dissolved and the National Defense and Security Council was created. How did it relate to the Transitional Council headed by Shonekan? 3 of 1994 Constitutional Conference announced April 30.

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Thus the collective powers of appointment are fewer.

AFRC is larger – 28 members – and entirely military.

The Decree established an Advisory Judicial Committee which could only advise the SMC on appointments. 4 on “Indigenisation,” February 1972 Limited the private property that a foreigner can own.

This replaced the Judicial Service Commission of 1960, which had powers of appointment and removal, and the 1963 Constitution, which did away with the Commission. Decree #5 of 1972 Head of State can unilaterally remove the Chief Justice (p. This practice is reaffirmed in Decree #32 of 1975, Section 13 and in Decree #1 of 1984, section 14. 32 of 1975 This created the Supreme Military Council, the National Council of States, and the Federal Executive Council. Military Governors, were no longer members of the SMC; they were now members of the National Council of States.

Major provisions on judiciary in the 1963 Constitution were suspended; Supreme Court lost jurisdiction to determine disputes among the states or between a state and the FG. 5 of 1966 (Constitutions Suspension and Modification) Abolished federalism but only lasted a short time under Ironsi. 14 of 1967 (State Creation and Transitional Provision) Created 12 states and provided for Military Governors for each state. 45 of 1968 Forfeiture of Assets (Validation) Decree Refer to , vol. Who qualified to be a governor was strictly determined by military rank. 1 of 1983 Constitution (Suspension and Modification) Very similar in substance to Decree 32 of 1975. Military Governors could not legislate without prior consent.

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