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Plus when to comes to fishing, what better way to teach the principle of having patience.Put some bait on the hook, cast your line and wait for the catch of the day.

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Rather, it’s those little pieces of odd wisdom that make a lifelong impression on us.

Time spent bonding teaches us positive principles, instills honest values and virtues, and presents countless life lessons along the way.

Use them as an opportunity to teach your son about things like friction and aerodynamics.

Encourage them to ask questions and guide them through the process.

Most fathers will find themselves needing to balance both wanting to win and wanting their sons to have fun.

But truth be told, what it’s really about is enjoying the process of teaching your son things like: Cutting sand wood, painting, how aerodynamics and friction works, and much more.Plus, chances are you might learn a thing or two in the process.. No matter if you’re out on the dock or in the middle of nowhere deep sea fishing.Go fishing and you’ll find out it always seems to spark up some chatter.These are the types of skills will last a lifetime.Knowing who won or lost the race will be long forgotten down the road.It doesn’t mean we must always talk face to face with our sons and share our feelings.

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