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There are lots of variations of traditional pea soup - I like using a smoke ham because it adds an extra touch of flavor.

Please PLEASE don't add salt until after you have tasted the finished product.

You can always substitute that with milk, heavy cream or even almond milk if that's your preference.

Did your Mom force you to eat this when your were growing up?

I know for me, I could not stand this dish as a kid and swore to myself I would NEVER eat it as an adult!

I'd say to refrigerate any leftovers but I'm pretty sure you won't have any!

Let's be honest, I don't know what's better - the smell of your house while these are baking or the way they taste once they are finished!

MAC NC 40 BLUSH: I will either do a blush OR a bronzer in the day - not both. The photo makes it look more bright pink than it is. LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush in Velvet Rope POWDER BRONZER: I've been a fan of this one since it came out from Bare Minerals!

Apply it with their bronzing brush for a perfect application. I start at the top of my forehead and make a brush stroke like a number 3 from forehead, to nose, to chin.It comes in an array of color to match your skin tone, they have all the samples in store.After I have applied my concealer I use a kabuki brush (see below) and swirl it in the powder and then then onto my face.- you need it to hold a form) Using your hand, mix the above ingredients together until it forms "crumbles" Sprinkle on top of filling, evenly covering the top of the pie - this replaces the need for a top pie crust Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, cover crust with foil or pie shields to prevent burning, reduce heat to 350 and continue to cook until apples start to bubble. Disposable - Found at Walmart Reusable - Found on Amazon Or you can trace the circle of your pie dish on tin foil before you start and cut out your own!It's finally Fall weather around these parts which in our home means SOUP, SOUP and MORE SOUP!FACE: Daytime I don't usually wear foundation in the day. Minimal shadow, eyeliner on my water line (the inside of your lower eye) and some bronzing powder and lipstick.

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