Fibromyalgia adult chat rooms - Harrisburg speed dating events

Since our founding, many soulmates have first encountered each other and we are proud to brag about the success stories that eventually lead to the alter.From speed datings to dinners to simple single mixers, TTD picks the best venues for young professionals to meet each other in a warm, relaxed, and fun setting as you search for new friend … For Washington's most eligible Single Young Professionals, we will be doing a series of special events for you over the next few weeks as Valentine's Day approaches.The Triangle Presents Nick Kratsas, Meghan Lamb, and Alex Domingos – March 25, 2015 @ The Make Space, Harrisburg, PA.

Lancaster Transplant held a speed dating night for singles in Lancaster, PA.

At one of 15 stations, daters worked together to write a collaborative list poem.

Fear No Lit Reading Series – February 5, 2015 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster, PA. Pop-up Writing Workshop – February 21, 2015 @ Franklin & Marshall College Philadelphia Alumni Writers House, Lancaster, PA.

An MFA-style fiction workshop with editors of Third Point Press. We raised over $1,000 to support 2015 initiatives and projects, including Third Point Press.

Tonight, we are offering a special evening to kick off this season!

Lots of Games, and someone will WIN A CARIBBEAN TRIP!

Fear No Lit Reading Series – October 15, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster, PA. Story Slam Fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Library Association Youth Services Division – September 28, 2014 @ Aussie and The Fox, Lancaster, PA.

Storytelling on the theme “It happened at the library.” Over 0 was raised for the Pennsylvania Library Association. Fear No Lit Reading Series – August 20th, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster PA. List Poetry Workshop Station @ Ask Me: A Night of Awkward Speed Dating – June 28th, 2014 @ Fulton Street Arts Cooperative, Lancaster PA.

Fear No Lit Reading Series – December 10, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster, PA.

An open mic night featuring Kimberly Ann Southwick.

Dan Waber projected visual and digital poetry on a movie screen, performed sound poems, and led attendees in creating a crowd-generated live poem. Fear No Lit Reading Series – April 17th, 2014 @ Dogstar Books, Lancaster PA. Creative Writing Workshop – April 5th, 2014 @ Lancaster Public Library, Lancaster PA. Poetry Aloud, Spring 2014 – April 4th, 2014 @ The Ware Center, Lancaster PA. Barbara De Cesare lead participants in a literal study of the heart.

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