Guide to dating a computer geek

But when they find themselves fogged in at the San Francisco airport and their flight to Fiji cancelled, they have no choice but to spend the holiday with their divorced parents and the rest of their dysfunctional relatives.

Former high school foes turned rookie cop partners can't catch a break, until they're assigned to pose as students and bust a drug ring inside their old alma mater.

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Walter Goodfellow, the vicar for the small English country parish of Little Wallop, has allowed his marriage to Gloria go stale, and he is so detached from his family that he has not taken notice that his 17-year-old daughter Holly is going through a succession of inappropriate relationships with unsuitable boyfriends, and his son Petey fears going to school due to being bullied.

Out of desperation for affection, Gloria begins to fall for the advances of Lance, the American golf pro that is giving her "private" lessons.

But his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing.

Claire and Phil Foster are a suburban couple slogging through their daily lives and marriage.

Carl Allen is a guy whose life is going nowhere, the operative word being "no", until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say yes to everything and anything.

Unleashing the power of "yes" begins to transform Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance.

From the biggest festival to the smallest church social, Kenny Smyth delivers Portaloos to them all.

Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society's machinery; a knight in shining overalls taking care of business with his faithful Splashdown crew. Lloyd and Harry deliver a delirious no-brainer as they hit the road to return a misplaced briefcase to its owner.

Living like teenagers again, they slip back into their adolescent selves and risk the case, and their friendship, with hysterically disastrous results.

A record company intern has two days to drag an uncooperative rock legend to Hollywood for a comeback concert.

Follow Kenny as he tackles every septic challenge that comes his way, culminating in a pilgrimage to that Mecca of waste management, the International Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville Tennessee - or as Kenny affectionately calls it, 'Poo HQ'. The fellas don't know the case is crammed with ransom money.

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