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Let's be honest and agree to the fact that there's something strangely and mystically attractive about a silver fox man with salt and pepper hair.The looks, the grace, the no-nonsense charm they exude is unimaginable and quite killer.They’re old school in the best possible way (think Agent Provocateur underwear) and they don’t try too hard or show off. When I sleep with young guys, I find myself in ridiculous positions with my head hanging backwards off the bed.

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Plus, you’ll wake up after the sex in a nicer house, on sheets with a higher thread count and without an awkward housemate to tiptoe past.

If you're here, it's probably because you've dated men older than you, or at least swooned like a teenage girl with butterflies in her stomach at the sight of George Clooney or Jon Hamm. This place is safe, and so is your preference in men.

Whatever the reason, I hate feeling like I’m too much woman for my bed partner.

I don’t want to be with a guy who looks at my boobs like we’re on the back of a school bus in 1997 and I’m showing him my sweaty Calvin Klein bra to win a bet with Hannah from my maths class.

An established man with a sorted career is what you need.

Because A - He will never be jealous of what you do and the career choices you make, because he's been there.And these gentlemen can bowl you over with tiny gestures like opening a door, and holding your hand when crossing the road. They'll make sure that you have a good time, they'll respect your choices and will not finish soon before you're done. There's no denying that a man with maturity in age and thoughts will be able to match your wavelength much better.The older man will let you do the things you want to and will encourage you to maintain your individuality.He has seen the world, and the different types of ladies out there.So it's safe to say that this man is done with everything in his past.Since your man is older, he's seen the world and more people than you have.

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