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At that point she didn't seem interested in showing her feet. we got back in contact with each other and she invited me to her house to shoot her feet. I told her that and she jumped on the bed and I took these first pictures and video of her feet. This set has 69 pictures and 1 HD video Description: Jamie comes home from a long day at the gym.

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Description: Liz is a hot blonde from Texas visiting Philadelphia with her friend.

We are about to go out for drinks but I just had to take some photos and video of her sexy high arched size 6.5 feet.

In this set she is wearing her black legging and old flip flops.

You get to see her walking in her flip flops and showing off the soles of her high arched feet.

However first she takes off her sneakers and socks to show her 6.5 feet in her kitchen.

You get to see close ups of her taking her sneakers and socks off.The you get to see close ups of her toes and soles while she talks to you about her feet.There are 78 pictures and 1 HD video for this set Description: Liz is a hot internet foot model with size 9 feet.Heidi dandles the heels off her high arched feet before she takes them all the way off to show off her large sexy feet for you.This girl is amazing you have to see her feet today.While drinking I asked Cat if she thought Liz would shoot a foot fetish shoot for my fans. Once we asked her and showed her pictures of other models. I didn't waste any time going to the car to get my camera. She knows you have a foot fetish so she strips her socks off to show us her large sexy size 9.5 feet.

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