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The cost of the box of matches appears more than three times the usual cost, and the loaf of bread is more than double the usual cost. I waited in line for 2 hours to fill up a 5 Gallon gas container. Just got back from trying to deliver 2 generators to Long Island. Deal was brokered, 00 cash, for a business owner to open his shop. This is crazy, it’s like post-apocalyptic scenarios, you know with this gas. Locals say they are arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters. The largest number of complaints are related to increased gasoline prices, he said in a statement, but consumers also have reported possible gouging for emergency supplies like generators and hotels raising rates due to “high demand,” as well as increased prices for food and water. [Editor’s Note: During the first economic and financial panic to hit Greece in 2010, citizens of the country scrambled to convert their currency to gold when they thought the system was about to go under…

(Forgetting for a moment that the costs are an hallucination of the “Charge Master” system designed to lavish six-figure salaries plus bonuses on the maestros in the hospital executive suites.) What a demonic fraud this woman is.

In terms of sheer persona on persona, Trump is not much better, a walking hood ornament on the faltering beater car that America has become.

Without communications it has become impossible for emergency responders to be contacted.

For all intents and purposes, law and order broke down within just a few hours of Hurricane Sandy passing over the east coast.

Food, gas, clean water, batteries, self defense armaments, shelter, clothing, ammo, precious metals and related preparedness supplies are a must-have in any grid-down scenario.

First and foremost you can use these and other supplies to survive or at the very least, remain comfortable.What matters is that prices for key supplies will rise exponentially as their supply dwindles.This is a natural effect of rising demand, especially if that demand is driven by panic buying.For example, I happen to agree that the nation needs to act on immigration, both on the problem of illegal immigrants and on limiting the quotas of legally admitted newcomers.The Left, sunk in its sentimental sob stories of “dreamers,” and its nostalgia for the Ellis Island romance of 1904, can’t conceive of any reason why the nation might benefit from, at least, a time-out on invitations. In my little corner of America, the computer chip factory run by Global Foundries (owned by the Emirate of Dubai) has just laid off the majority of its homegrown American technical labor force and replaced them with foreign technicians on H1B visas, thus creating x-number of new Trump voters among the laid-off, and rightfully so, I think.Otherwise, the stone wall of her status quo fortress conceals her privy council of Wall Street necromancers, and the fortune they have helped her lay up in the vaults of the Clinton Foundation.

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