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It clings to every curve and I can see the clear outline of your bra underneath. The waitress approaches and introduces herself as Michelle. You immediately reach up under your skirt and, lifting your butt up a little off the seat, you slide your panties down your legs. I see your breasts tumble forward, released from their confinement.

We ask her for two beers while we look at the menu. Bending down, you hook them over your shoes and pass them to me with a flourish. I place them to one side of the table, leaving them in clear view. You somehow reach up one sleeve, pull the bra strap down over your elbow and push your arm through it.

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The next roll goes to me again and the dare is for you to play with your pussy. Sliding quickly out of your chair, you slip on your shoes, smooth your skirt down and head towards the back of the restaurant.

You drop your free hand below the table, slide it up your skirt and start to stroke your pussy, parting your legs a little as you slide your fingers over the lips. It takes me a moment or two to push my stiff dick back into my pants before I can follow you.

You continue to eat your salad, staring into my eyes as you gently massage your pussy with one hand and rub against my dick with your foot. There is a passageway at the back with doors off to the Gents and Ladies restrooms. Pushing me up against the wall you press your mouth to mine in a hungry kiss.

I desperately want to get down and look under the table, but I don't need to look to know you are complying. I take a guess on Ladies and push confidently through the door. Your tongue is winding urgently round mine as you pull my face hard against yours.

***** Chapter 2 The Next Day I sleep in the next day to recover from the flight and my exertions of the previous night.

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