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Allison Wolfe and her sister Cindy were born identical twins in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 9, 1969.

Together with their sister Molly, they grew up in Olympia, Washington.

Kevin Andrews, with regard to the stem cell research legislation.

In April 2002 Mr Andrews said 'that doesn't mean there will be conscience votes on the entire package of the legislation or on whole a raft of other provisions in the Bill. I suspect when we come to it that the issues will be fairly narrowly defined'.

Political scientist Professor John Warhurst has suggested that there is 'really no such thing as an absolutely free vote.

Parliamentarians are never free, in any meaningful sense of that term, to do whatever they like.

Conclusion Table 1: A select list of issues on which free votes have been allowed in Australian and some overseas parliaments Table 2: Free votes allowed by the ALP and the Liberal Party in the Australian Senate and the House of Representatives Table 3: Free votes in some overseas parliaments Endnotes In the Australian political party system members of parliament (MPs) nearly always vote in parliament along party lines.

On the occasions when members do not they either abstain from voting, cross the floor to vote with the opposing parties or are allowed a free or conscience vote by the party.

In Australia, unlike the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada, there has been very little analysis of the impact, frequency or use of free votes in parliaments.

It is an area that would benefit from further research.

She also initiated Ladyfest and has been involved in Bands Against Bush.

Allison did the English adaption for Nana, a punk rock-themed manga series.

They are never really free from their community responsibilities or from their personal values or from their political parties'.[1] The decision of the major parties to allow members a free vote on the Research Involving Embryos and Prohibition of Cloning Bill 2002 has raised again the issue of free votes in the Commonwealth Parliament.

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