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In fact her reaction was to spread her legs further apart!

One thing led to another and someone pulled her knickers to one side to show her fanny which only had a light covering of hair, and we all took turns to touch it and even to poke our fingers inside it.

My mother decided to take in a lodger, an 18 year old girl named Kathleen, partly I think for company and partly for the money.

Somehow or other things developed into a sort of game where we each took it in turn to kiss Joan while a couple of boys pulled her skirt up and the rest of us watched by torchlight.

One of the boys, who was a bit more daring than the others pulled her skirt out from under her bottom so that he could pull it right up to her waist.

Our route took us past a public park and someone said, "Let's walk through the park".

When we got near a seat Joan wanted to sit down for a minute saying that her shoes were hurting her feet - she wasn't used to wearing high heels!

In undergraduate school it was not uncommon for graduate students to teach a class.

I had this one English class taught by this very good looking girl of about 22.

She hurriedly pulled her dress down and turned red.

When I was about 13 or 14 my father used to spend a lot of time away from home and would often only be home at weekends.

I thought that she would blow her top but she didn't seem to mind!

A couple of the other boys got out torches and shone them on her legs so that we all had a good view.

I sat on the stairs just below the half landing from where I had a good view of Kathleen's legs.

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