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I knew you wouldn't be afraid to be seen with me here,” he said. I joked about letting him 'hump my rump' and silly things like that as I assured him I wanted to do anything he wanted so I could be fully his.“Listen, baby, I want you to come with me to a little party on Saturday night,” he told me. My happiness evaporated on the spot, probably from the heat generated by my slow boiling anger at her very existence.“Yeah,” he said, not seeming to pick up on the plastic niceness Lisa and I struggled to hang on to when we really would have preferred to scratch each others' eyes out.

“Bunch a black guys having an 'coming out party' for some o' you special married white girls.”I was excited, happy about the fact that Javon seemed to want us to go a little more out in the open, but before I could respond, Lisa walked into the snack bar and came straight to our table, taking a seat on the other side of Javon.“Hi Ainsely,” she said with this fake smile. “Listen Ains, Lisa's got some experience at these parties so I'm taking both of you so it won't be so hard for you.

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The girl's very presence at what I'd thought was going to be a private moment with my man had been irksome enough, but now her interference was too much to take. I stared at my black boyfriend with a stern expression.

“Well since you and Lisa have so much to talk about, I guess I'll just go now.

Javon's let it be known that you want a black baby, so the attendance will be up, didn't you baby? He nodded as she continued, “There's always lotsa guys that want to be in on knocking up a white girl.”I must have visibly wilted on the spot. ”“Don't be so harsh, Javon,” Lisa interrupted with a smarmy smile.

She looked at me with a concerned expression that surprised me. “She's just young and naive, but she has a good heart. Their pretty little heads are all screwed up with all that traditional love and marriage crap.”As stunned as I was at Javon's crude dismissal of my heartfelt loving commitment, I was just furious at Lisa's snotty comments.

You'll have me there and this girl from Valley Station who's a regular at these parties and we'll take on most of that. That's what I was trying to tell you the other night. I can't believe you want me to be with other guys, even if they're friends of yours.”“Ainsely, baby, you can't be that dumb. We're not like white boys, all stuck up and selfish.

Besides, everyone will be wanting to fuck you and cum in your pussy. You gotta know you hang out with black guys, you're gonna get it from more than one, actually lots of us. An' besides, whaddyou care who the daddy is a long as it's a black baby?

“But maybe he thinks it will be fun for you two once you get into it.

I mean we're young and newlywed, and even though you've really gotten into it with Javon and really learned a lot about your sexuality, there's gotta be a lot of hot kinky stuff we don't even know about you. He might think it would be good for you.”“Jack,” she looked me in the eye.

It makes me happy just to come home to you,” I told her, taking her in my arms and kissing her. When she whimpered a little, I stroked her hair and waited for her to decide what to tell me. “I was gonna tell him I wanted him to live with me while you're gone, but then he started saying all this, disgusting stuff, nasty stuff he wants me to do. But I couldn't keep my hard on from throbbing with excitement.

A quiet fear began knotting my gut, a fear that something bad had happened, or was going to happen, and I felt sure it was going to have something to do with her black lover. Not only that but that bitch Lisa is hanging all over him all the time. He wants me to go to this party tonight and expects me to be with other black guys at the party. I don't know if I want to.” I knew this was risky... Still, her reluctance at being led farther and farther into this adulterous path made me feel good about her.

I'm afraid he's just setting me up to get pregnant and then dump me, like some kind of conquest.”That possibility seemed very real.

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