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The grass of the front and back lawn was growing tall, and, without Tam to cut it, she'd have to do it herself.

Getting out the little mower, she pulled on the cord until her arm ached, but it wouldn't start.

"Damn him," she cried, "just because of all my 'sexing' and my 'special friends,' why did you have to go and walk out on me? Really strange, a man and a woman, apparently not related, but both named Benford." —THE END— you wanted to read, I’ll say the same thing.

" She got cold and pale, as she suddenly realized that, back then, while she was lying on the floor, having a dry-eyed fit, he'd had a bag packed and ready for his exit. I also observe that the people expressing the worst, nasty, most virulent comments have—with few exceptions—either posted as anonymous or have never published a story under their screen names. I do wonder what your stories on this topic would be like.

April 28, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: I'm Tam Benford. Married to Dolores Benford, who had recently become a temper fit-throwing shrew, as emotional cover-up for an increasing number of gang-bang fantasies being acted out at my expense. About 10 AM, my brunette wife of some 41 years old, 7 of it married to me, appeared through the front door.

She staggered a little, into the house's living room, smelling strongly of booze, sweat and spilled semen.

May 5, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores was finally paying bills, writing checks and swearing at her absent husband. I'm gonna cut him off until he apologizes and starts treating me right again." The phone ringing startled her, and, on answering, she was shocked to hear one of her woman friends yell at her about divorce, disease and even lawsuits.

Something about her husband getting an STD from Dolores, then passing it on to the wife, who was now her ex-friend. Abruptly she remembered that Tam had, in fact, tried to get her to the clinic for some-such reason, but she'd been too wrapped up in her latest sexing to listen to him, and had forgotten about it.She cried at that memory, "Oh God, what have I done? I'd be pleased to read whatever literary creations you can write on this or a similar topic, under your own screen names ..." May 31, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores had her final report from the clinic, that she was disease free. I lost most of my pretty things, too, when they wouldn't fit in the RV. actual writing and I said in my original comment, this story was about a "stupid, slut bitch," who got the BTB that she deserved.She fought down the urge to pitch another temper, until she came across a letter, edged in red, detailing that she had a positive test for a STD, back 4 months ago, and that she must come to the clinic for immediate treatment. "Where the hell is that man of mine, now, when I need him to do things for me? May 13, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores slammed down the phone in a rage, after having the last of her 'special friends' break their 'date' with her, giving her all sorts of excuses.She was not getting fucked now, even though the STD treatments were under way and she'd bought condoms enough for everybody.A second call came in and then a third, both from wives of her 'special friends,'. "Besides," she thought, "Tam hadn't had any sex with me after that time, which I was glad about, so I could concentrate on getting fucked by my friends all the time." She called the clinic and got an immediate appointment.

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