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The first few months in this country are truly overwhelming and the cultural differences are intriguing, before they evolve to be mostly annoying...

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I coped with all the rudeness and the stupidity of it all, and I dug in my heels to make it work for 6 years now, because I truly love Ecuador.

This isn’t the utopia or the retirement joy that was envisioned, but the sad fact is that I can't afford to retire in Canada.

The country is truly beautiful and, at first, everything is quirky, quaint and cute.

But, if you do take the plunge to live here, you eventually just tire of the ridiculous backward BS you have to endure to do the simplest things.

This is their country, and they speak Spanish here.

We are not entitled to live here, and we are not superior, just different. Adaptation takes a TON of patience that few people can manage over the long haul.

The complete stupidity of most things, especially Government processes, is mind-numbing.

Ecuador has been rightfully tagged as having the worst bureaucracy in Latin America. Locals never tell you everything you need to know the first time, and, what part they do tell you, is generally wrong. Using competent intermediaries is the only way to remain sane.

It seems that you rarely get a truly straight and fair deal here.

Rarely trust an Ecuadorian's word, it is usually worth the hot air expended, as they always tell you what they think you want to hear.

BIG UPDATE - Oct 26/17: The cost of living in Ecador, with the new law regarding the Social Security taking 17% of our declared income for singles, or 21% for couples with a Retirement Visa, has tipped the balance.

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