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Until this changes, constructing utility-scale projects within the state will remain challenging.

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Developers in Virginia have been working on wind projects in the state for over 10 years now.

Programs like the State Based Anemometer Loan Program, administered by JMU, have provided valuable data that has been used to characterize the wind resource across much of the state.

Then they have the camera manufacturer’s name in big letters screaming “steal me.” My friend, Ralph Nelson and I came up with a scheme to make personalized straps with The ACAM-114R ($84) that I attached to my Olympus EM-5 has a classic style that works with SLR and mirrorless cameras. It measures 35 x 0.75 x 0.08 and is made from soft acrylic cloth that’s thicker and much more comfortable than what came in the camera box.

It has cowhide trim on the ends and on a non-slip shoulder pad.

Unlike the 114R strap, the ACAM-100 ($79) is adjustable from 32.5 to 58.6-inches.

It’s made of acrylic and Italian leather and the 2mm thick strap is soft and comfortable to wear.

A lack of communication between project developers and communities makes it difficult to dispel misconceptions about wind projects.

Communities have opposed small scale wind projects for a variety of reasons, including issues related to viewsheds, birds, and noise.

And yes, I’m sad about that but it’s a perfect fit for my Olympus EM-10.

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