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"People were recognizing me — I still don’t know how to handle it," she said. "I worry that things start to seem normal that aren’t normal.You get rushed through airports, and you never have to queue, and you get tickets to things that you wouldn’t otherwise.

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During this time, the economy was booming from the oil discoveries.

The business continued to thrive for a few years until the great depression left the owners wondering if the business would survive.

“One of the interesting things about Meyer Najem is originally the company started with a focus on health care, and now we have partnered with Mainstreet, which is the largest provider of assisted living facilities in the U. We have done a lot of commercial projects like Four Day Ray, and those commercial projects have led us into other markets throughout the U. In addition to expanding its market reach, Meyer Najem also is actively involved in other aspects of the community, specifically philanthropy, through its annual Swing into Giving golf outing and other outreaches. We try to get involved in a lot of different organizations,” Tucker said.

The company also assists the city’s involvement in art.

“We are blessed to be here as an advocate, employer and an integral part of the city’s vision to move forward with its synergistic approach to connecting businesses and families to its downtown.” For more, visit

March 17, the doors to the meat market officially opened. As you may recall, refrigeration was not available back then. People would travel into Muenster for Church services and before leaving, stop at the market for fresh beef.

I think it’s important to remind yourself that it’s not normal.

It’s difficult, though, because it is my normal." Daisy also told how the role was physically demanding, with the famous lightsabers weighing up to five unevenly distributed kilos.

We like to work with clients that are fun and on projects that are fun, and you really feel that when you come into the office.” In addition to working on local projects such as the Fishers Fire Dept.

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