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S., Australia and the UK, where people put a very strong emphasis on "meeting their individual needs" and would never choose loyalty to an employer over a bigger pay.As we grow up in one culture or another, we unconsciously absorb its values, rituals, symbols and heroes, building our identity. Make sure you understand how leadership is viewed in the country where you are doing business: To what extent is it OK to talk so much about your accomplishments?Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

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Canada is the most secure - the most proper - the most civilized nation on earth - when people come here with a work visa - they all want to stay once they get the feel of the place..it is not just about earning a good living.is about quality - about safety...about security and the ablity to live a normal life through work and the generation of money...

Currently my youngest son is dating a very nice girl from Chile.

Or did you just move from Texas to Denmark for an expat assignment with your teenage kids, and you just heard that your neighbor's 15-year-old daughter is allowed to spend the night at her boyfriend's house?

Creating rigid laws is the most frequent way of dealing with the anxiety of the unknown.

People in these countries tend to value personal relationship and genuine interaction over punctuality and quantitative networking. Me, Myself, and I, Then (Maybe) Others There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of individual happiness and prosperity, except the fact that this might not necessarily be valued in China, Colombia or UAE.

The key word here is "individual," which has a completely different meaning in the U.A few months ago I was asked by Alin Uhlmann, president of Tasuleasa Social, if I could help Romanian entrepreneurs learn how to present their ideas and accomplishments to international partners and investors. Uhlmann, I put together five essential issues that can be helpful in intercultural professional relationships. (For an in-depth explanation, please see Einstein's "Time and Relativity.") Additionally, keep in mind that speed networking, derived from its homologue speed dating, is an American invention. " will not take you too far if you're doing business in India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates or Romania. Time Isn't Money Everywhere If you are from United States, Germany or Scandinavia, remember that being right on time is a virtue only for you and a few other cultures.When booking and paying for a session it is automatically confirmed and it will take place at your booking time.All consultations are highly confidential and ethical providing you privacy and peace of mind.For all my consultations I use a number of selected modalities that I feel intuitively work with your questions or situation at hand.

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