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SQLJ cannot be used inside stored procedures, functions, or triggers., Oracle Database and related technologies, such as Oracle Clusterware, no longer support the direct use of raw (block) storage devices (reference Bug 13503952).Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster installations fail with the following error: Oracle Label Security (OLS) upgrade and downgrade scripts are not shipped in SE or SE1 database (reference Bug 21497495).

There is at least one row when issuing the following query on the Oracle Enterprise Manager rolling upgrade requires that the RDBMS pre-upgrade tool checks be performed on the physical standby database, which is upgraded before the primary database (reference Bug 19195895).

However, these tool checks are prevented on a physical standby database that is opened in read-only mode.

The result of this equijoin depends on collation which can change on a session by session basis, giving an incorrect result in the case of query rewrite or an inconsistent materialized view after a refresh operation.

Expressions generate internal conversion to character data in the select list of a materialized view, or inside an aggregate of a materialized aggregate view.

The capability of translating and running SQLJ applications inside the database will not be available in later releases.

SQLJ can only be used as a client tool to translate the applications that can connect to Oracle Database and run as a client.Note: To download Web Sphere MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link. Lansweeper server requirements: Windows 2003 or higher, Windows XP or higher (Windows server recommended) Dotnet framework 4.0 or higher.Oracle recommends writing such expressions in the NLS-independent way.For example, one of the following: Write the expression as a equijoin where one side of the join is character data.This restriction does not apply to expressions that involve only numeric data.

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