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Forecast Use the forecast tool to estimate work to be completed in future sprints.

- Area and iteration paths- Build & Release- Git- TFVC- Dashboards- Queries- Team admin role- Test- Work item tags Create your backlog Plan your project by adding a work item for each user story or requirement you plan to develop.

Organize your backlog Group items into a hierarchical list using portfolio backlogs and quickly reorder and re-parent items to effectively manage your deliverables.

For a description of the core services supported through the web portal, see Essential services.

Browsers Connect to the web portal from the latest versions of these supported browsers:- Chrome- Edge- Firefox- Internet Explorer- Safari (Mac) Integrated Development Environments (IDE) Track work and integrate with your code, build, and test environments from the following clients:- Eclipse (Team Explorer Everywhere)- Visual Studio- Android Studio- Intelli J- Visual Studio Code To learn how to connect, see Connect to a team project.

Attachments To support collaboration of work in progress, add emails, documents, images, log files, or other file types to work items.

Estimates and time tracking Track estimated, completed, and remaining work for tasks and other work items.

Add team members To share and contribute to your project, add user accounts to VSTS or your TFS.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) (VSTS) Control who can access your team's critical resources and key business assets by managing access with Azure Active Directory groups.

Or, move them to the recycle bin or permanently delete them.

Tags Add tags to work items to filter backlogs and queries.

Multi-team backlog ownership Easily view and track items owned by other teams and quickly reorder and re-parent items to effectively manage your backlog.

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