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Passion comes and vanishes, but the business (and its profits and losses) remains.

A bright idea makes users expecting high quality too.

Upon implementation of the first version of the service, we cleared the email database from non-existent emails, doubled emails and uploaded it to the service.

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TLDR; the story about the online dating service with a popular idea, virality, analytics, advisers and thousands of users, but was closed due to non-achievement of the target growth rate.

The source code of the project is available on Git Hub at https://github.com/emirn/dateprog About the Project: Online Dating Service “Date a Programmer” for programmers and nonprogrammers who would like to date, learn a programming language, chat with each other.

New Words manel noun October 30, Don't get us started on 'bimonthly'.

Bless us, Anne-girl, I'm not matchmaking ," protested Gilbert, rather surprised at her tone.

Only a few months later, we found an error that caused this delay.

By correcting it, we accelerated page load time and was able to decrease the number of servers to 2.So, if the implementation “fails” you may get critical feedbacks and frustrated users.CORRECT APPROACH: The catchy wording of the pitch, understandable to everyone helped to start the project and generate the first 2,500 users with minimum expenses for their involvement, just by creating a single landing page using The service functioned from November 2014 till September 2015.Website Screenshot (for Registered Users), February 2015: Results (as of 2015 September):9,415 registered users2,000 MAU (monthly active users)168,000 messages between usersup to 20 couples per month was starting real life relationship (according to the account deactivation survey)One couple confirmed had married on September 2015 (they told us)15 programming courses were created by users (authors)1,200 times total online dating users completed these courses Catchy ideas do not always mean the business itself will be great too.It was necessary to immediately try to collect data and measure how many of these leads were willing to pay for the service (and for what they would pay).

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