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Its head was large, reminding her of a fat arrowhead. The second picture showed the large vein that runs underneath, the sides swelling outward, the massive testicles suspended in the scrotum hanging close to the body.

The name tag could be seen on the edge of the screen. Being a red head, she was used to men cat-calling her and black men were among the worst. She found the pictures of the black penis to be mesmerizing. " She was all but drooling on herself as she looked at the penis pictures.

She took a deep breath and ignored the strong instinct to delete the photos and never again have to deal with them, she instead saved them to her photos and continued shopping. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the image of the black penis out of her head. They looked tiny and pathetic when she realized she was comparing them to the mental image of that big black thing. She continued shopping as if on auto pilot, but couldn't shake the images: eggplant? Even leaving the produce section, she saw it in every bottle of ketchup or shampoo. She grabbed her laptop, removed her jeans, and transferred the pictures of the black penis onto her computer. She ran her fingers across the screen hoping to somehow feel the black skin from her computer. She was becoming wet, and rubbed herself just a few times before she came.

She tossed them down in disgust, moving to the avocados. It was heavy and the soft outer rind was pitted and wrinkled, just like those big black balls. This unwanted image had lodged in her brain and she seemed unable to think of anything else. When this was done, she opened the pictures up and looked at them in a larger, more detailed format. As her head was flooded with the image of the huge, black cock from the picture, she flooded her hand with her cum.

She repeated this three more times in about five minutes. She imagined sucking it, licking it, stroking it, rubbing it against her arms, breasts, chest. She had never fantasized about a black man before and the effect it had on her took her by surprise.

It was a "late start" day and they didn't need to be in class until ten.

After this, the homemaker had a list of chores and errands to complete that would pretty much finish her day until school was out and she needed to pick up the kids.She had learned this all the way back in high school, and it stayed with her throughout her adult life. At first it looked like a mistake, like she heard a friend call it, a "mistext." A wrong number. This one was a strange image that she did not immediately recognize. She looked around her in her aisle, no one was near. She began to perspire on her forehead and upper lip. She scrolled through each picture back-and-forth examining the detail.Although she woke up horny, today was unfortunately not a day where she could masturbate after dropping the kids off. She grabbed a cart like she had a thousand times before. She thought that this was some random shot that one of her friends or family had sent to her that will have a corrected picture to follow. A young, dark-skinned black man with short dreadlocks wearing a retail badge on his shirt standing over the phone being held in his hand and looking at it from the top for a selfie. She looked more closely at the first text from the same number; a picture that looked like a big cucumber- the kind that are slightly curved, but this was pointing down. The first was an overhead view taken from above the large appendage. The second picture also showed, in detail, that the name badge he was wearing read "Dwayne" and was from a shoe store in the mall called "Her Sole." Her phone shook in her nervous, trembling hands. Her fingers moved on their own, pinching and zooming.Editing and Creative Assistance by Literotica member "Smoothed".Warning: This is a fantasy story that contains interracial sex, a cheating wife, and a big penis.She was a decent, upstanding citizen and a proud, church-going Christian.

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