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Williams we are all interested in your new boyfriend. I stopped playing with boys when I stopped dating black guys. Interviewer – So you prefer to date white men instead of black guys? If you are a successful black female you only have two choices…outside of your race or date other successful black females.

Interviewer – Are you saying there are no successful black men to date?

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Serena and Alexis are engaged and appear to be happy.

She’s had relationships with more than a few brothas…and hell, it didn’t pan out. Not saying a brotha couldn’t snag her for the long haul, but it wasn’t like she didn’t give yal a chance.

We got Common leaving Ebaldi in Bev Hills Wednesday, and his well-wishes seem heartfelt.

But social media continues to let us know that prejudice thinking individuals are still alive and well.

Or they have children with one and don’t marry in order to preserve their wealth and good credit.

Oprah is one of many who silently protests being stuck with such poor choices by refusing to marry and reproduce but you can see how much it hurts her.

Common seems genuinely happy Serena Williams is back with Drake ...

which is especially impressive given the history between the 2 rappers over the tennis superstar.

I was thinking about that last night while talking to one of my lady friends.

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