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In a normal course I have lectures – for example listening to a monologue – and exercise sessions, which also consist solely of listening to a monologue, but this time you have to write down.

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Make us learn the methods by giving us assignments, make us try applying the theories in a case study.

That way we'll learn, and hopefully won't forget everything the moment we start studying for the next exam. Because in Cologne, taking exams is a race against time.

In other words, no academic or personal development, just learning by heart over the frantic few days before the exam – only to forget everything the week after.

Compare that to any university worth comparing to, and you're not sure whether to laugh or to cry. As one of leading thinkers in science and education Lawrence Krauss put it: Testing always inevitably means you teach students to be able to do tests.

If your friend has a scanner, you have zero reason to attend.

I have taken ten courses here, each worth six ECTS.

During one exam, I had to answer the same question five times (with different numbers), as if the second time around had tested my relevant abilities in any useful way.

If you made a mistake typing the numbers into your pocket calculator, you'd be better off not correcting it, because you'll probably get more points when you continue.

is an English-language online reference work on World War One.

Launched in October 2014, the multi-perspective, public-access encyclopedia is a collaborative project by the largest network of WW1 researchers worldwide, spanning more than 50 countries.

This is part of the DFG-project “Open Encyclopedia System”, which is carried out together with the Center for Digital Systems, the Center for Modern Greece and the Bavarian State Library.

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