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When this occurs, borrow excavation must be obtained to make up the difference.

design production and placement of self consolidating concrete-39

Unclassified excavation requires the same measurements for the determination of final quantities as classified material.

If the roadway profile, slopes or berm elevations are changed in an unclassified cut, cross sections should be taken and a revised quantity computed.

Class A Excavation (Sec 203.2.1) The geologic definitions for determining proper classification of Class A are defined in Sec 203.

One of the more difficult materials to classify is chert.

Prior to beginning excavation and embankment operations in any area, all necessary clearing, grubbing and stripping in that area shall have been performed as specified in Sec 201.

Excavated material is usually classified according to its structural characteristics.

Excavation classes are grouped by geologic definitions and not by excavation methods.

When the contract specifies classified excavation, the ordinary classifications will be Class A, Class C or Unclassified Excavation.

The inspector should also determine moisture content of the soil in its natural state throughout the area where the contractor plans to start grading.

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