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For temporary support to be put into effect, each party must file an income and expense declaration to prove their financial situations.It is at the discretion of the court to determine what the financial status quo was prior to the time of separation.

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are often used (but not required) by the courts to determine the amount awarded.

These calculators factor in each spouse’s income, healthcare deductions, and expenses.

Spousal support is a written agreement or order to instill temporary or permanent payment from one spouse to another after separation, when plans for divorce have been made.

Let’s look at these two basic types of support, how they are calculated, the differences between them, and when each is put into effect.

, about what comes up when grief and dating overlap.

If you have questions about spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, you’re not alone.

They cannot be used in determining permanent spousal support, as many more factors must be taken into account to determine a fair judgment for long-term support.

Temporary and long-term support are both applicable to the divorce process, but in very different ways.

Generally speaking, temporary spousal support is implemented to maintain the financial status quo during the actual process of divorce or legal annulment/separation.

Long-term support, on the other hand, can be indefinite.

A child support agency can provide assistance in this process, but it is not the main place where issues are mediated.

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