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The serving person wants to know that everyone is happy and healthy.

CDs and DVDs are a great way to share thoughts and feelings, and can be replayed over and over again.

Items such as alcohol, tobacco, toxic or flammable items and aerosols/pressurised containers should not be sent, and note that all packages are x-rayed as a safeguard. There is a web-based businesses out there which caters specifically for those wishing to order and send gifts, either to a deployment area or from one.

Remember to ensure the package does not exceed 2Kg, which is the maximum weight permitted. The beauty here is that there is not the BFPO faff that often accompanies ordering items for despatch.

Children's artwork is a great way for serving family member to maintain contact with a child’s development. Photographs of family members doing everyday chores and activities can lessen the miles between you.

E-mail facilities may be available for serving personnel in theatre.

It is a good idea to number or date your blueys, so that you will both know if any have gone astray.

Please note that you should never put anything inside a bluey, or it will be treated as surface mail and take ages to arrive! Ask in your local Post Office or unit for a supply of blueys for you and any children to use.

Find the method that works best for you and your loved ones.

The postal addresses should be obtained from your serving person and it should include: Number, Rank, Name Section or Department Unit Operation NAME BFPO Number Also known as ‘Blueys’, these are a way of sending letters and messages FREE to serving personnel and are available from HIVE as well as Post Offices.

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UK Letters are inexpensive, and always eagerly received. Number your letters because delivery can be irregular. Letters and packets up to 2 Kg in weight can be sent at the Forces special rate.

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