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As the founding-director and a teacher at the Chicago French School, I, Jacques, a native French speaker, teacher, translator, and interpreter, teach personalized French lessons for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, High intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, and Professional).

Now homeless people have a place to shower, change clothes, rest and get a hot meal close to other services, such as the county courthouse and Social Security office.

In Oregon City, the spread of poverty has prompted a chicken-or-the-egg type debate: Which came first, the homeless people or the homeless shelter?

In Washington County, for example, the total number of homeless people counted in biannual surveys rose from fewer than 200 in 2002 to more than 1,300 a decade later.

Second, Portland’s suburbs are experiencing a less obvious but even more troubling trend: More families with children struggling to find shelter and caught in what, without more support and solutions, risks becoming a multigenerational cycle of economic hardship.

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