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“I ultimately made the decision to live the best life I can.

I ended things because I didn’t want to compromise what true happiness was anymore.

There are no hard feelings and I will love Jeff until the day I die!

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Soon after celebrating 5 years of marriage and welcoming their son Eissa in January of 2017, singer Janet Jackson and her billionaire husband Wissam called it quits.

The couple began dating in 2010 and wed in a secret ceremony in 2012 before pubically celebrating their union in 2013.

Yesterday singer Kelly Price announced that she and her husband/manager, Jeffrey Rolle, are calling it quits after 23 years of marriage.

“After the untimely death of my sister last year, it weighed on me heavily that this was something we needed to do,” said Price in a statement.

The wedding plans seem to be exciting both the bride and groom and both parties will be very involved in planning the event.

According to Cara, the wedding will take place in September 2018, so it is going to be a bit of a long engagement.

Omarion tweeted about the breakup and Apryl offered an explantion to fans via Snapchat.

This wound is stil fresh guys, but one thing's for sure: Apryl says Omarion did not cheat. The flame between singer Jordin Sparks and her beau of 10 months, rapper Sage The Gemini is officially out.

The fact that we used the phrase ‘lady in question’ should erase all doubts about the star’s sexual orientation, he is not gay and has been involved in relationships with women even before he got engaged.

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