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At one point, Scott hooked up with Bella Thorne, who is also 19, and also somewhat famous in her own right.

Maybe he feels that if he dates women who aren't drinking age, it'll force him to cut back.

But hey, if Sofia is helping him snap out of his suicidal bender, we're all for it.

No, what's truly troubling is the fact that Disick is in the midst of a frightening downward spiral, and Richie's family are reportedly concerned that he'll take her down with him.

"Sofia seems smitten,” a source close to the couple tells magazine. She constantly giggles around him.” That quotes more than a little creepy in the context of a teenager dating a grown-ass father of three, but what's really interesting is that it comes from a reliable source like Equally intriguing is the unexpected development that Scott is working on "getting better" for Sofia's sake.

It would've been nice if he'd been able to find the inspiration to do so in his three young children, but we'll take a sober-ish Scott any way we can get him.

News of the Scott-Sofia relationship comes on the heels of a string of summer hookups for Disick.

As we reported earlier this week, the pair's estate in Encino was robbed while they were away on Wednesday, and thieves made off with more than a million dollars in jewelry and purses in the process.

But now, we know that police are confident this was NOT an inside job — and disturbingly, the heist bears some resemblance to burglaries perpetrated earlier this year at the homes of Mariah Carey and baseball star Yasiel Puig. Cops say that based on how quickly and seamlessly the thieves entered the house — and where they went once inside — this no doubt was a job done by professionals. There are things we knew at the time of the burglary — like Mauricio losing 0,000 worth of watches from his closet — but new details are also being revealed about some of the valuable and sentimental pieces lost in the burglary, too.

As always, Barack Obama is here with a glimmer of hope.

As the year winds down, the former POTUS offered some inspiring highlights from 2017 so that we can head into the next trip around the sun knowing there's still some good in the world.

These days, it looks as though Disick is dating Sofia Richie, the daughter of Lionel and much younger sister of Nicole.

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