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Queen, a longtime sex educator at Good Vibrations, a female-friendly sex shop, cautioned that the focus of the survey — the duration of intercourse alone, without foreplay — may not be the best barometer of a satisfying sexual experience.

Queen said it’s “very common” for heterosexual women and men to assume that the longer duration of intercourse is more likely to result in orgasm. “It’s important to put the foreplay back in there,” said Queen.

The ideal fell short of reality, however, with men clocking in far fewer minutes for actual bedroom performance.

Some 95 percent of the respondents hailed from the 1.3 million members of Saucy, who self-reported online, said David Minn, the company founder, in an email.

The other 5 percent were members of his other dating website,, he said, adding that the survey targeted heterosexuals. A Journal of Sexual Medicine study found in 2005 that the median duration of sex is 5.4 minutes.

A 2008 study in the same journal stated that sex therapists said intercourse that lasted 1 to 2 minutes was “too short;” 3 to 7 minutes was “adequate;” 7 to 13 minutes was “desirable;” and 10 to 30 minutes was “too long.” San Francisco sexologist Carol Queen theorized that Saucy respondents may be “friskier” than other people.

But she also noted that the relatively large number of respondents made for a “stronger than average” survey of its kind.

If a guy’s profile is full of shots of him in sunglasses, dressed up for Halloween, or in miniature in front of the Great Wall of China, it’s hard not to suspect that he’s hiding something.

It’s great conversation fodder when someone displays snapshots of himself on vacation or out with friends, but it’s reasonable to expect at least one clear picture of his face.

It's another if he freaks out at the prospect of you being within a 20-mile radius of his home.15. Either he has low self-esteem, doesn't care about pictures, or that picture is not at all indicative of him.

You shouldn't be one to judge a book by its cover, obviously, but if he's actively trying to deceive people, that says a lot about his personality.

Saucy, a British online dating service, found that both men and women reported the ideal length of time for intercourse is 25 minutes.

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