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Usually, the celebratory revelation is accompanied by an unbelievably choreographed photo that not-so…It’s officially “once I’m home I’m not going out again” weather.

The daily below-freezing temperatures mean if you want to see your partner or plan a date with someone, they’ll likely be coming over (or you’ll go to their place).

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You know you've officially reached adulthood when you can't seem to go five seconds without hearing about a friend or acquaintance's new engagement.

Usually, the celebratory revelation is accompanied by an unbelievably choreographed photo that not-so…These days between Christmas and New Year's are good ones to reflect on the last year and think about what you want to do differently in the next. 2018 will be a big year for love on an individual and collective scale. Well, beyond all of th…New Year’s Eve is almost here, and while you may be seriously considering all the things that you need to let go of in 2018 (toxic friends, sucky jobs, terrible fads from 2017), there are just as many things you should resolve to hang on to — includi…With love, as with all other things, some years are better than others.

The temperature is dropping and time is running out to find someone to date during cuffing season.

If you haven't snagged someone to keep you warm this winter, don't panic just yet.

As someone who loves …I’m an avid Tinder user, and even though I live in Manhattan — which has a population of more than 1.6 million people — I’ve come across the same profiles more than once.

I’ve even had to increase my search radius and change my desired age range, bec…

And even then, it also terrifies you in a strangely exhilarating way.

But unfortunately, be…Believe it or not, it's almost New Year's Eve.

No really, it's the single greatest tool to help you navigate rush hour traffic, a screaming child or a partner who has been getting on your nerves.

It can sound a bit 'woo woo', but learning to practice more compassion toward ourselves and others can have a profound impact on our relationships and overall well being.

But now, thanks t…Whether or not you write out resolutions, I think it's safe to say that everyone enters the New Year with a certain set of hopes and expectations.

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