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After that, we went to Nordstrom Rack to get Lenny some new shoes. For instance, if that client had sincerely been into one of those girls, Eric should have instructed him to get her number and take her out on a real date, not lure her back to his apartment for sex.

No one trolls Union Square on a Tuesday for a long-term partner -- if a guy wanted a wife, why would he fly to New York City just for the weekend? He went out to LA for work for a few months but we still kept in touch while he was out there.

20, 2018 as well, so even that scenario could require the Rays to take on some additional 2018 dollars.

Of course, if the Rays are to take on any salary in return, even a portion of one of those two deals, that’d give GM Erik Neander, senior VP Chaim Bloom and the rest of the front office greater cause to increase their ask in terms of prospects from a Giants system that is thin on upper-tier talent.

I had to walk back and forth across the apartment as if it was a sidewalk so that Lenny could stop me, come up with a line, then ask me three questions. When we stopped for lunch, Eric told Lenny to order plain chicken with broccoli. I was really upset, but he told me it was his job to help his client. As a woman, what do you think about this line of business? Eric claimed it wasn’t about getting clients laid, but from what I saw, it was.

He had a really hard time with the exercise -- it took two hours, and Eric videotaped the whole thing so Lenny could watch himself afterwards. He was basically coaching them to tell women exactly what they want to hear so they could score some.

Pence is entering the final season of a five-year, MM contract and is owed .5MM in 2018 — more than the .5MM that Longoria is set to take home this coming season.

Obviously, taking on Pence’s deal would still provide the Rays with long-term cost savings — Longoria is owed MM over the next five years — but the short-term complications in that scenario are readily apparent.

When he came back to New York City, he called me from the airport and came straight to my place. After dinner (and sex), we were lying in bed catching up and I noticed he was getting texts from MULTIPLE women.

Each girl’s last name was listed as the bar they met at. All those times Eric was sweet to me now felt like a ploy to keep me around on the backburner.

Taking on Span’s deal would be closer to a cash-neutral proposition.

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