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A typical set up goes something like this (adjust the details to fit your setting): An agile male character, often the Hero, meeting a female character (Love Interests, etc) by saving them from being hit on by thugs, or older (college) men who seem lecherous.The thugs grab the female by the hand and pull her away to have a "cup of tea" with them, or become violent as she stubbornly rejects their advances (may involve knives).Expect a negative response from some if this chickifies an Action Girl (though this can be almost completely negated by having the couple take turns with the Distress Ball).

If done humorously, this is done at the beginning of a series, adding to the Harem.

When all hope seems lost, Bob comes in at the last minute and rescues Alice, causing Alice to fall in love with him.

actress Meghan Markle has caused some controversy in the U. In fact, the criticism has often been so harsh, Harry was forced to issue a statement through his communications secretary last November bashing the negative “wave of abuse and harassment” imposed on Markle.

But Harry certainly isn’t the royal to be involved in a controversial romance.

Basically some of them thought that, since the girl now owed the guy, the resulting romance wasn't pure enough, aesthetically speaking.

The various aristocrats who paid their bills mostly told 'em to shut up; part of the ideal of knighthood was being a protector, and who doesn't want to hear about a good deed they could actually do being rewarded with some sweet lovin'?

From Gisele Bundchen to actress Blake Lively, along with a constant stream of models such as Polish beauty Ela Kawalec, Leo's early dates follow an obvious pattern, with bike riding top of the list.

However this time it seem Leo is branching out slightly - for once his pretty squeeze is a brunette, quite the change for blonde-loving Leo.

If Rescue Romance is a manly man's reward for being a valiant protector, the Florence Nightingale Effect is a womanly woman's reward for being a caring nurturer. How could she possibly develop any kind of interest in him?

Compare Smooch of Victory, Rescue Sex, Standard Hero Reward, Relationship-Salvaging Disaster, Bodyguard Crush.

One of the methods writers use to jumpstart relationships. Done seriously, this is one of the ways writers get a relationship hampered by Cannot Spit It Out started, as opposed to communication, or heck; they might not have even met or talked to each other previously.

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