Dating an older cancer man

I know this is hard, but the first step is to turn you phone off. In olden times we were not at everyones beck and call.

And some of us, especially sensitive special people like you, really need to disconnect from time to timeusually every day and especially on weekends and holidays. Go find a national park and wander around till you find a nice sunny rock and just sit there. If you find that scary, I find you terrifying , and I obviously cant help you.

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Very prominent in fact, which will make you a little bit more emotional about certain aspects of your life.

Your intuition will be greatly enhanced and you need to follow your gut instincts, probably more than usual, however you man be inundated with so much nebulous vibe that it will be good for you to step back and get away from anything stressing you so that you can truly see what the Universe is trying to tell you.

Regardless, it looks like you have a date for New Year's Eve if you want it!

You will receive an infusion of pure energy this year that will make all of your necessary endeavors more easy to tackle.

The Universe is asking you to do it once more and I think you will be pleased with the results.

There is a very carnal energy in your solar 5th house which is the house of kids, creativity, dating and your stock portfolio.Though this will have to be assisted by something else to come to a great amount of fruition because of some indication of a fluctuation nature of your fluid resources.To be honest, the world is in need of some happy tidings and after looking at the years new solar charts I can only be partially helpful.This might be a lover you've been keeping under wraps until you were more comfortable introducing them to your family, or a favorite place you go to remember times from your past or some other thing that helps you escape from the world. Unconditionally and forever by someone who will never, ever forget you. You have the goddess of loveliness sitting in your solar 1st house, which is a coup in and of itself.And even better it is sitting very near its favorite house of money and can assist in bringing you extra income.And without any air in your chart life may lose a bit of its overall zest. Ive never known a Crab who couldnt at least grin at lifes ironies. You may want to take a few short trips this year for vacation or take a job where you get to travel locally.

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