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Some sensational plot lines from the novel (like incest) were replaced with less controversial themes (like teen pregnancy).

When Dorothy Malone was rushed into emergency surgery, the producers were faced with the dilemma of what to do with her character, Constance, who at that point was too deeply embroiled in the plot line to disappear without reason. Farrow never expected the show to become a success and immediately tried to get out of her contract when the show started its airing.

Morton threatens to destroy Rossi over Catherine's death and uses the autopsy process to frame him out of his admitting and operating privileges---until Rossi discovers the pathologist, Dr. Allison confesses to her mother that she still loves Rodney, and Betty confesses to Rodney that she miscarried in the auto accident, but after rejecting the idea at first both she and Rodney agree to annul the marriage.

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George Anderson is allowed his first home visit during his treatment period.

Elliot tries to stop George shooting Leslie and is shot himself; Leslie vows to clear Elliot's name after Elliot undergoes surgery---out of guilt, having hidden the truth about Elizabeth's murder.

A total of 514 episodes were broadcast, in black-and-white from 1964 to 1966 and in color from 1966 to 1969.

At the show's peak, ABC ran three new episodes a week. A number of guest stars appeared in the series for extended periods, among them Dan Duryea, Susan Oliver, Leslie Nielsen, Gena Rowlands, and Lee Grant, who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Drama for her role of tough-as-nails Stella Chernak.

It dissolves to cast members, and then narration of previous episode events by Warner Anderson, who also played Matthew Swain.

In 1966 the message was changed to "In color, the continuing story of Peyton Place." Warner Anderson left the series after the first season, but continued as narrator to the series until the final episode. Michael Rossi (Ed Nelson) arrives from New York City to set up practice in town.The series served as the springboard for such performers as Mia Farrow, Ryan O'Neal, Barbara Parkins, Christopher Connelly, David Canary, Mariette Hartley, and Lana Wood. Originally, the Cross family from the novel was included, but when Irna Phillips was contacted to change the pilot, she decided to scrap it.Various disagreements between the makers ensued, and the official pilot was not aired until September 15, 1964.Both Leslie and Julie are in unhappy marriages, but Leslie can't explain this to his son in the moment.Confused, Rodney tells Betty he cannot date her anymore and begins to see Allison instead.Lola Albright was hired to take over the role and continued in the series until Malone returned. On the urging of her then-husband, Frank Sinatra, the producers decided to write her off the show in the summer of 1966.

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