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If this is the case, write an Query that selects all columns in the table except for those which are auto-incremented.In the image above, I chose “SQL Query” because the “movie” table I’m connecting to has an auto-incrementing column named “id” that needs to be excluded from the data connection.

Also, add the Data Connection Controls object from the Connecting a Form to a Database sample to this subform (making the proper adjustments for the data connection name in each button’s Click event script) and make this subform invisible.

At this point, you should have a form which displays a list of categories and contains an invisible subform.

First, get the category selected by the user and determine it’s associated ID: Opening the data connection will cause the explicit bindings you set earlier on the fields in the movie Data subform pertaining to the movie title and show time data to be used in order to load data from the xfa.record.

Movies In Cat record (which will now contain the data from the first record of the Movies In Cat data connection as per the statement we just built using the selected category ID).

If you’re connecting to a single table, you may be able to simply pick its name from the list of tables.

If you need to connect to multiple tables in the same data connection, then you’ll need to use a Stored Procedure or an Query.

That’s what we ultimately want to modify once the user picks a movie category: You should note that the query node’s command Type attribute value is very important. That’s because having data nodes with the names “id” and “name” in your data connection will give you a lot of headaches when attempting to iterate through the xfa.record.

node in order to find the data associated to the current record from a data connection (so that we can display the category names in the drop down list, for example).

If you want to “run” this sample, you can download the form and Movie Database here: Download Sample [zip] Minimum Requirements: Designer 7.0, Acrobat Standard 7.0.

Use the Form Builder DB20060929file to build the database, create an If you’re attempting to reproduce this sample or something similar in your own forms using Designer and Acrobat 8.0, you’ll most likely run into security errors when attempting to run the form in Acrobat 8.0.

This is due to new restrictions imposed on modifying data connections at run time in I would recommend you try using two separate data connections (like in the tutorial in this post) and keep in mind that it’s (unfortunately) your responsibility, using script, to carry along the various values from one connection to the other.

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