Credits backdating

You should clearly ask for backdated tax credit on your application form.

The Chancellor announced in his emergency Budget in June that CTCs would be withdrawn for families with a combined income of no more than £30,000, or possibly as low as £25,000 from April 2012.

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Astonishingly, more than £3.9bn in tax credits went unclaimed last year, according to research by uk, the professional advice website.

With the renewal deadline a week away, those who currently claim their tax credits could find their payments stopped if they do not file renewal forms by July 31.

If a positive decision is made on an application for asylum, a person is no longer an asylum seeker and is granted one of the following statuses: Following a positive decision, support from the Home Office stops and the person is given 28 days to navigate the social security system and also, in many cases, vacate their accommodation and find somewhere else to live.

All the above types of leave allow the person to claim benefits and tax credits on the same basis as a UK national and mean s/he is no longer a 'person subject to immigration control'.

If you live with your partner, your incomes will be added together when your claim is assessed.

The WTC is complicated, but it comes down to how many hours a week you work and whether your income is ''low enough''.Mark Willis examines the rights of refugees to claim benefits and the problems that can arise.Recent developments in the benefits system and the asylum process mean that refugees face fresh challenges in securing the support they need to build a new life in the UK.People fleeing their home country and applying for protection (or asylum) in the UK are generally excluded from claiming most benefits (asylum seekers are 'persons subject to immigration control' in the benefit rules).They instead have to rely on Home Office support which is provided at a level less than the minimum the law allows anyone else to live on.Those over the age of 50 receiving benefits may be able to claim too. If your circumstances change it can affect the amount of money you should be getting and you need to contact the Tax Credit Office.

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