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The NAO report observed: “To achieve the target of 25 million users by April 2020, GDS needs the profile of users to increase at a much sharper rate from April 2019.

The September 2015 business case predicted 4.4 million users by the end of March 2017.

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Most of these 12 services also offered alternatives to Verify.

As the NAO report commented: “Nine of the 12 services using GOV.

Verify’s lack of support for anything other than basic citizen authentication - a small subset of known user needs for online services - means it offers no clear transition path from what is already in place.

It’s worth remembering that what we refer to as “Verify” is at least two things: an online identity assurance framework that establishes trust across private and public sectors; and the physical platform built by the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Departments often fail to match Verify data with the data they hold – no great surprise since government services typically hold citizens’ data in a different form to that used by the Verify commercial companies.

According to the NAO, in February 2017 Verify had just 1.1 million user accounts.

This includes 185,000 “basic” accounts created as part of a trial in July 2015.

These basic accounts are unverified and do not allow account holders to access live services.

Verify, one of the UK government’s flagship digital programmes, set out with the best of intentions.

It aimed to establish an identity assurance framework that could work across private and public sectors, facilitating a marketplace of trusted third parties to identify and authenticate users of online services.

Verify formally entered live service in May 2016, having appeared as a beta service in October 2014.

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