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Between 20, when the lab was run by Trimega Laboratories, it is estimated to have carried out 34,000 tests for child custody cases.

Dovolte abych Vám představil novou internetovou databázi českých vědeckých (nikoli však lidových) jmen rodů rostlin (autoři databáze jsou J. Lze zde nalézt jména rodů jak širokých, tak užších a dnes již vzácně rozlišovaných.

Jedná se o přehledovou excerpci významných knižních publikací zaměřených na domácí, u nás i jen pěstovaných, přírodovědně či užitkově významných rostlin.

But the original Randox test suggested the figure was five times higher at 6.4 micrograms.

Battrick pleaded guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drugs, but now he says he would never have admitted the charge if the tests had been accurate.

This week the National Police Chiefs Council announced 10,000 criminal cases in England and Wales dating back to 2010, including rapes and murders, are being reviewed after two forensic scientists were arrested on suspicion of manipulation of drug and alcohol tests.

But the impact on the family courts could be far wider as the laboratory was once carrying out at least 6,800 hair tests for drugs and alcohol in child welfare cases a year when it was run by Trimega.

Randox took on the premises, some of the equipment and some of the staff including the two main suspects alleged to have fiddled the tests.

The same lab, when it was run by Trimega, also churned out drug tests for inquests, nurses and employment checks for pilot and nurses, which could have put the public at risk if the results were wrong.

The Mail has learnt one of the suspects under investigation was once a poster boy for the forensic world who boasted he had helped to shape the Government’s drug-driving laws brought in in March 2015.

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